“…Bob is truly gifted… and with his help, God set me free” –K.W.

“…Bob was the instrument of God’s healing and deliverance in my life. He was consistently helpful, loving, gracious, and prepared to minister God’s grace to me. The fruit of his ministry is in my life.” –C.T.

 “Thank you for the role you continue to play in my family’s recovery. Amazing things are happening. You have a wonderful ministry.”- M.P.


“Bob’s prayer counseling allowed the Holy Spirit to reveal and evict many negative forces from my life. My life has been changed.”- J.R. 

 “I have appreciated his tender, caring approach to set me free from substantial bondage resulting from a hostile and judgmental religious upbringing… my life is changed.” –K.W.


“Bob’s soundly Biblical approach has been confirmed and valued by those counseled.”-J.W. – a referring Christian psychologist


“Bob Thomas’s method goes beyond simply talking about issues. He works with the power of Jesus Christ to bring about real freedom and true joy. Working with him has been a life changing experience and I recommend him to everybody I know.” –K.G.

“It is the best thing ever done for myself.”- VH

“I always feel so much better when I leave.” Amy
“My fear, in writing this testimonial, is that I’ll write too much. By saying too much, I’ll turn off the reader, or neutralize my passion with too much enthusiasm. But, one thing I’ve come to understand with Bob’s guidance s that decisions should never be made in fear. So, I will say what I want to say and leave it to the reader to edit as they wish.” -Rev Bob Thomas’s Client


Testimonials of Personal Triumphs


“Bob was the half-step back I needed to take – and so much more.  He was the guide I so desperately needed to find my way to Christ.  Just as we don’t abandon children to themselves, shrugging them off with a “catch ya later.” No one who is serious about finding Christ finds Him alone.”

“Bob has been gifted by God.  He literally takes you to the door of Heaven and waits with you while you pound your fists, scream your insults and cry your heart out. Mostly, with your permission, he asks Christ to heal you.  And He does.”-J.K.

I had struggled with so many problems due to trauma in my childhood and it wasn’t until I met Bob Thomas that I began to understand how God heals and how he sets people free. Bob helped me apply these Biblical principles to my life. Now I am free from so many problems and triggers that had haunted me for years–even though I’d prayed and asked God to release me from them. –Judy

I called Bob Thomas three years ago because, as I saw it, it was either call a counselor or submit to medication.  A phone call, as much as I dreaded it, seemed less threatening, and so I called Bob.  I told him, in that first conversation, that I hated counselors.  I told him that I did not believe in counselors.  And then I cried.  Bob said nothing.  He explained that he was taking notes.  But unlike other counselors who take notes AND ask questions, Bob JUST takes notes.  Forty-five minutes later Bob was reading back to me the list of thoughts that I had just generated. There wasn’t a great deal that was shocking or earth-shattering in those notes.  They were simply the fears, the frustrations, the habits and the defeats of a common housewife.  What was special about the list was that it was, for the first time, being brought before God.

Certainly I had prayed in the past.  I considered myself a strong Catholic Christian.  But this process, the process of being led by another, was somehow different.  It took me, as you will, out of the picture.  Before, my prayers centered around my faults, my sorrow for my faults, my hopelessness and lack of worth.  In trying to minister to myself, I was continuously defeating myself.   It was as if I were determined, through prayer, to heal myself. As I mentioned, I have been speaking with Bob (via the telephone) for three years.  In those three years I have grown from someone with perhaps a kindergarten level faith to someone with about a fifth grade level of faith.  It has been the most exciting, rewarding, terrifying, and painful experience of my life.  In the end, though, I am completely and utterly convinced that God loves me, that God wants to bless me, and that God will never abandon me.  Jesus Christ is now my friend.  I am now excited to spend time with Him.

My marriage is better than ever.  My parenting is a little bit better.  My soul is healthier.  And I am so much happier.  And, though I owe it all to Christ, who created Bob Thomas and put him in my path, I also owe a great deal to Bob Thomas for hearing and abiding God’s call.


Bob has been praying with me almost every week for almost three years [at no cost to me]. My family and I have seen many miraculous “turnarounds” in extremely daunting circumstances. The prayer that Bob provided has helped identify and release many negative family patterns that had repeated themselves for many years.


Years ago I came to Robert Thomas and through the good grace of God’s gifting and prayerful intercession we discerned the blocks and hindrances that prevented me from hearing the Shepherd’s voice and following. Each week more and more of what hinders me from being “as he is” is discerned and discarded by my Lord with the help of my prayerful friend Robert who is kind and gentle and meek and loving and patient, does not judge, is a humble prayer servant, an encourager and forevermore a brother in Christ.


“For years I was a “legalistic” Christian; active in the church, accepted Jesus as my savior yet was still not transformed; still poor, still brokenhearted, still captive, still blind.  The living God comes alive and I have become transformed with Dr Bob’s leading.  In my sessions, Bob prayerfully and continuously seeks direction and guidance directly from God and prayerfully removes obstacles that keep me from hearing God’s voice directly.  Experiencing God’s unlimited love and learning to seek and hear his voice directly has transformed me from living in flesh to living in Spirit, and has set me free.  In other words, I have experienced everything Jesus came to do!!!!”


I would like to say that seeing Bob Thomas has been one of the best things I have done for myself.  I am a Catholic, and at first, was skeptical as I was not sure what “Christian Counseling” would be like. Seeing and praying with Bob has brought me closer to my faith, given me more freedom, happiness and peace. I have, in the past, worked with a psychologist and although it helped, it somehow missed the root of the problems. That doesn’t happen with Bob. I highly recommend working with Bob. He is the most peaceful person I have ever met.Linda

I wish to thank you sincerely for giving me a safe place to talk and wrestle and find freedom through Christ from all those things that hold me down, poison, or threaten to choke out God’s purpose for my life. I’m not sure if you realize the awesomeness and the wonder of being able to step into an environment free from guilt and shame, free from judgment, ridicule and condemnation. Without such an environment I venture to say that most of us would continue suffering in silence. Thank you for laboring with caring compassion over my questions, my struggles and my hurts. I feel very fortunate that God has once again led me to your office and I look forward to living a peaceful, joyful life in freedom from those darn weeds! It has become my hearts desire.


No Christian can ‘go it alone.’  As part of God’s providential plan, Christians are to help one another along the way, encouraging, uplifting, and aiding each other in order to enhance their love of God and neighbor.  For me, Bob Thomas has been one of the very most important people that God has sent into my life to help me find God’s highest and best for me and my family.  As a result of praying with Bob, my own prayer life has deepened, become more personal, and become more meaningful.   We all have challenges; we all need God’s help.  Bob Thomas helps bring God’s help to my challenges, and he can do the same for you.


Our family’s dysfunction and patterns of abuse led us to seek the help of a Christian counselor.  After unsuccessful attempts for change we found God’s faithful helpmate Bob Thomas.  Bob’s craft of counseling is different because he wholly relies on the true power of God to provide lasting change and transformation.  Today we are each experiencing freedom in the Spirit to live more abundant and fulfilling lives and we are cultivating meaningful relationships with God.

M and J

“I have been impressed with Bob’s desire to serve the Lord and openness to His Holy Spirit.”

J.W. – a church elder

“You’ve helped me achieve substantial mastery over certain fears, especially fear of failure and rejection.”

E.P. an ordained minister and counselee


When I first met Bob, the one thing that really impressed me is that he had experienced the death of his son and had come out the other side, with noticeable freedom. The freedom was central to his mastery of his incredible God given gift. I was convinced, by what he had been through, that he knew the depth of suffering and could probably understand mine. Although, I had talked to others who had more “professional” qualifications, I was confident that Bob was the one for me. I am thankful for my choice.


“…He constantly seeks to remain sensitive to God’s leading.”