Testimonial -Healing with Christ

Certainly I had prayed in the past.  I considered myself a strong Catholic Christian.  But this process, the process of being led by another, was somehow different.  It took me, as you will, out of the picture.  Before, my prayers centered around my faults, my sorrow for my faults, my hopelessness and lack of worth.  In trying to minister to myself, I was continuously defeating myself.   It was as if I were determined, through prayer, to heal myself.

Christian Counseling client womanBob was the half-step back I needed to take. And so much more. He was the guide I so desperately needed to find my way to Christ. Just as we don’t abandon children to themselves, shrugging them off with a “catch ya later.” No one who is serious about finding Christ finds Him alone.

Bob has been gifted by God with a pastoral spirit.  He literally takes you to the door of Heaven and waits with you while you pound your fists, scream your insults and cry your heart out.  Mostly, with your permission, he asks Christ to heal you.  And He does.

As I mentioned, I have been speaking with Bob (via the telephone) for three years. In those three years I have grown from someone with perhaps a kindergarten level faith to someone with about a fifth grade level of faith. It has been the most exciting, rewarding, terrifying, and painful experience of my life. In the end, though, I am completely and utterly convinced that God loves me, that God wants to bless me, and that God will never abandon me. Jesus Christ is now my friend. I am now excited to spend time with Him. My marriage is better than ever. My parenting is a little bit better. My soul is healthier. And I am so much happier. And, though I owe it all to Christ, who created Bob Thomas and put him in my path, I also owe a great deal to Bob Thomas for hearing and abiding God’s call.

I had struggled with so many problems due to trauma in my childhood and it wasn’t until I met Bob Thomas that I began to understand how God heals and how he sets people free. Bob helped me apply these Biblical principals to my life. Now I am free from so many problems and triggers that had haunted me for years–even though I’d prayed and asked God to release me from them. Judy

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