Why Christian Counseling?

The Christian Counseling experience is gentle and powerful. It allows for sharing with ease and without bibleconcern for being judged. As those concerns are articulated, it prepares the way for “discernment” to identify the deeper mental, emotional, or spiritual entanglements that are obstructing the fullness and fruitfulness Life as God that has promised. That which is revealed and confirmed is like a preliminary X-ray. By the Word of God and the Power of God, those obstructions are dealt with to “diminish” their influence. It could be likened to “anesthetizing” the obstructions. If there are roots such as unforgiveness, bitterness, or influences of family of origin, they are likewise discerned” with ease and exactness. Once the clusters and roots are identified the stage is set for the next aspect of the process. That phase could be likened to “surgery”. By the Word of God and the Power of God the necessary healing, transformation, or purging is established. The final step is also by the Word of God and the Power of God to provide the in-filling of His Spirit. The net end result is a conspicuous evidence of a newness of life. It is one further step in the process of “sanctification” to allow for the fullness of Life to prevail. It is the evidence of the power of God to redeem us and grant us an expanded newness of life. Sanctification, and newness of Life is a progressive, cumulative opportunity; that our “…lights may shine” (Matt 5: 16) more brightly to the Glory of God.
This simple and powerful process is effective for all varieties of mental, emotional physical and spiritual challenges. There are none neither too large nor too complex, nor too numerous. The problems may be cold-like, flu-like, or cancer-like. If we are willing God is able to lead us in all that needed to be more “…perfect even as our Father in Heaven is perfect’ (Matt.5:48), in every aspect of Life. We demonstrate greater peace and joy, thereby giving evidence of God’s Power to perfection.

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