Christian Counseling Testimonial -Listening

Christian Counseling Testimonial

woman on beachI called Bob Thomas three years ago because, as I saw it, it was either call a counselor or submit to medication. A phone call, as much as I dreaded it, seemed less threatening, and so I called Bob. I told him, in that first conversation, that I hated counselors. I told him that I’d did not believe in counselors. And then I cried. Bob said nothing. He explained that he was taking notes. But unlike other counselors who take notes AND ask questions, Bob JUST takes notes. Forty-five minutes later Bob was reading back to me the list of thoughts that I had just generated. There wasn’t a great deal that was shocking or earth-shattering in those notes. They were simply the fears, the frustrations, the habits and the defeats of a common housewife.  What was special about the list was that it was, for the first time, being brought before God.

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