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I have had the privilege of counseling for more than 20 years. Following graduation from college, commissioning and service as a Naval officer, a brief stint in the shipping industry, and a career as an investment broker [financially rewarding, yet, unfulfilling], I yielded to the call of ministry in 1982, after many years of having resisted “the call”.Following ordination, I served in a variety of ministry capacities crossing diverse denominational lines. By the grace of God, I have matured substantially in understanding of the power of God in the “unity of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit” to move beyond what I perceive as the “tragic limitations” of most denominational doctrines. It has led to an aspect of ministry that reveals the awesome power of God through the ministry  of God’s Spirit and Truth.
“The unique counseling process is a ‘pearl of great price.’ I am privileged to serve and bear witness to the Power of God to manifest conspicuous victories for many in the name Jesus Christ.

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Experience  [more than 20 years]

Following my training and ordination in 1984, I served the senior pastor in a congregation of approximately 200. In 1988 I entered a time of “profound challenge and change” that  led me to a significantly deeper aspect of ministry. It allowed for the transition from the general “call” of ministry to a specific aspect for which I have been “chosen”.  It was the birth of a powerful and unique “form of” counseling ministry. Initially it was only for friends and family. As I learned and cultivated the God given Gifts of the Spirit, many encouraged me to broaden the sphere of influence.
Originally the counseling ministry grew by referral and was only a portion of my sphere of ministry. As time progressed it became my primary focus of ministry and in time I provided these services regionally with offices in Seattle, Bellevue and Lynnwood. In addition I have provided the counseling nationally by phone and face to face with web-camera on the internet.
I am encouraged in this ministry by my wife of 42 years. Over the many years of service, I have  been inspired, supported and encouraged by many. I have had the privilege of counseling many ministers and their families as well as several psychologists, a psychiatrist and a diverse variety of Christians across most of the denominational lines. There have been significant victories to awe and wonder of many and to the glory of God.